Automating your home is a simple convenience that enhances your lifestyle. With a touch of a remote when you arrive home, the lights can go on so that you have the security of entering a lit house. A motion sensor can chime if someone approaches your house. While away on holiday, you can programme the lights to turn on via a timer that will give your home a lived-in look.

You can dim your lights to different levels depending on the time of day or number of people in the room or install an alarm system that can determine when you leave the house and activate automatically. Lighting control, heating and ventilation control, distributed audio, security and much more integrate together to create an intelligent home automation system. The ultimate in easy living!

Created by a New Zealand based team of designers and systems engineers after extensive consultation with builders, electricians and home buyers, the revolutionary eWatch House Automation system is easy to use, affordable, can be installed by an electrician, can be changed and reprogrammed simply and is modular so that you can pick and choose which features you want to include. Best of all, you only need one remote to activate it all

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